Bio Fuel What Is It And Where Do I Get It From?

The Science of Ethanol

Bioethanol is pure alcohol. The combustion of bioethanol is clean which makes it an efficient and effective source of heat because there is no soot, ash or harmful emissions that need to be extracted through a flue - meaning all the heat stays in your room.

How is Bioethanol Made?

Bioethanol - or simply 'ethanol' is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products - mainly sugarcane and crops like grain, using yeast. It is also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beetroot and recently grapes, banana and dates depending on the countries agricultural strength.

Plants like sugarcane - Fermenting sugar & starch components

Why is it Clean Burning?

Bioethanol is a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products which burns clean - no smoke, no sparks, no fuss. The combustion of bioethanol results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide.

But relax, the amount of Co2 is only equivalent to an extra human in the room breathing, and steam is from the 3% water content, so definitely not enough to create condensation.

Ethanol = Heat + Steam + CO2

Why is it Sustainable?

During combustion, the emissions from bioethanol are Heat, Steam and a small amount of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by plants, it is then processed via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy makes bioethanol a carbon neutral fuel source.

The sugars are distilled to make ethanol, used as an alternative fuel

Where Do I Get It From?

We supply and distribute our Bio Ethanol to your door nationwide and we guarantee supply. You will not buy a fire today and then we stop supplying fuel tomorrow. We are committed to our customers and will guarantee supply for many years to come, and we are not the only source, but we do aim to be the lowest price and best quality. See FUEL for pricing and delivery. We also now stock E-NRG fuel which works perfectly for your EcoSmart burner range. Check out their website here.

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