Bioethanol Fuel

Naked Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

Naked Flame Bio-fuel Bottle

We only recommend the fuel we sell as we can guarantee it’s purity, and using substandard fuels can cause lack of performance and void warranty.

Naked Flame Fireplace Fuel pricing is $4.00 per litre (excluding delivery).

Sold in 5l, 20l or 200l quantities. 20l delivered to your door nationwide (excl rural) is $90.00, which includes postage and packaging. Rural addresses can collect it from their nearest freight depot.

For Existing Naked Flame Customers

Ask about the Naked Flame customer discount.

Call us for Biofuel orders.

0800 4 688 366
Size (incl freight)

Buy Biofuel Directly From Naked Flame

For non Naked Flame Fireplace customers:
5L Bottles $4 per litre (excluding delivery) or 200l drums: $3 per litre.

Naked Flame fire customers receive fuel at a cheaper rate, call us to buy fuel.