Ethanol Fireplace Safety

Safety is Naked Flame’s Number One Priority

All of our ethanol burners and fireplaces comply with NZ Standard – BS EN 16647:2015. We strongly advise against using any fireplace that is non-compliant.

As for all types of fire and fireplaces, it is critical that caution and diligence is used at all times, and Bio Fuel fires are no different to any other type of open flame. It is essential to familiarise oneself with the safety procedures associated with using any Naked Flame Bio Fire, and to educate and diligently induct any other users of the fireplace and it's safety.

Bio Fuel Fireplace technology is not well known and therefore we recommend that owners thoroughly read the user manual prior to operation, and familiarise themselves with the Fire they have purchased, and treat the Bio Fuel as a highly flammable liquid as they would a petroleum product.

Above all, please be safe and read operating instructions carefully before operation.

Important Safety Markings You Should Know

  • Do Not Fill While Hot

    Do Not Fill While Hot

  • Do Not Fill While Operating

    Do Not Fill While Operating

  • Do Not Fill Above Max Line

    Do Not Fill Above Max Line

  • Flammable

    Flammable Liquid

  • Use With Supplied Accessories

    Use With Supplied Accessories

  • Keep Away From Children

    Keep Away From Children