No Gas Requirement and Other Benefits of a Bio fuel Fireplace


Bio fuel or bio ethanol is pure alcohol made from plant extracts. It is the ideal clean alternative to gas fireplace since it doesn’t require gas or other fossil fuels to ignite the fire.

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Here are some great benefits of a bio fuel fireplace in comparison to a gas one:

The fuel is cheap

The cost of bio fuel per litre is an insignificant amount, less than $5 if bought from the right place; whereas price of LPG keeps fluctuating and is usually always on the rise. If you’re wondering where to buy ethanol from they are easily available but go only to the best for genuine ethanol and the right price.

No health hazards

Those who opt for un-vented gas fireplaces should know that they get super hot to dry off all the natural gas since it doesn’t require flue. Un-vented gas fireplaces are fitted with oxygen sensors that switch off the fireplace automatically if the oxygen level in the room is low. However, sensors may fail. If there are children in the house, this may not be an advisable option. Gas logs should also not be burned for more than a couple of hours at one go because of the by-products that are emitted can be harmful.

No complicated maintenance

They need good care and while so does a bio fuel fireplace, maintenance is more complicated in gas fireplaces. Soot accumulation is a common problem and needs regular cleaning. This also requires a thorough annual cleaning for longevity. While a little soot does appear on the surface close to the flame in a bio fuel fireplace, it is nothing compared to the former. All it requires is an occasional sponge clean with mild detergent.

No environmental concerns as opposed to a gas fireplace

Bio fuel fireplace does not emit any significant harmful fumes, and renewable fuel. Gas fireplace on the other hand, burns a non-renewable resource and wastes fossil fuel. It also releases significant greenhouse gas, twice as much as burning wood.

Gas fireplaces require a lot of fuss over installation

Bio fuel fireplaces require zero to minimal installation. Gas fireplaces require a lot of fuss. The safer method is the one with a flue. However, not all homes are equipped to fit in a chimney. Un-vented fireplaces require oxygen sensors and since this can cause health hazards, many apartment buildings don’t allow apartment owners to install one.

Bio fuel fireplace is a hassle-free, clean option which provides the warmth of the fire without destroying the environment. The fireplace comes in many decorative and stylish models which can be easily placed anywhere, and because of this, it is gaining in popularity. Choose your fireplace carefully and research well to know where to buy ethanol from as well as the best bio ethanol fireplace.

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