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No Gas Requirement and Other Benefits of a Bio fuel Fireplace

Bio fuel or bio ethanol is pure alcohol made from plant extracts. It is the ideal clean alternative to gas fireplace since it doesn’t require gas or other fossil fuels to ignite the fire. Here are some great benefits of a bio fuel fireplace ...more.

Get a Fireplace At Home with Zero or Minimal Installation

If you’re wondering how that’s even possible, we don’t blame you. Till some time ago fireplace with any fuss over installation only meant electric fireplace which is more of a showpiece than the real thing. With the introduction of bio ...more.

Advantages of Using Bio Fuel Fire for Your Fireplace

Bio fuel or bio ethanol is in high demand for all modern fireplaces and rightly so as it has so many advantages over the regular wood used fireplace.Its biggest advantages are: It’s clean - doesn’t create a mess. When bio fuel is burned, ...more.

Biofuel Fireplaces: An Elegant, Conscientious Choice

A fireplace does more than just make you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night. It also lends character to your home and serves as an excuse to gather around with family, friends or pets. Electric and wood fireplaces are commonplace. ...more.