Advantages of Using Bio Fuel Fire for Your Fireplace

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Bio fuel or bio ethanol is in high demand for all modern fireplaces and rightly so as it has so many advantages over the regular wood used fireplace.

Its biggest advantages are:

It’s clean - doesn’t create a mess

When bio fuel is burned, it releases very little carbon dioxide and water vapour. This leaves no soot, no mess, and no smoke. This also means that for this fireplace you don’t need a flue or a chimney for the smoke, because there isn’t any! This is a huge advantage for those who want to add a fireplace to their homes which have no chimney. Chimney installation is expensive and cumbersome as well as complicated. With this you get a fireplace without the hassle of chimney installation.

There’s also no issue of cleaning up after the bio fuel fireplace is used which can be a huge relief for a lot of people. Anyone with a traditional fireplace will know how big a chore cleaning up a stove can be after the wood has burned.

Very environment friendly

Since it gives out no smoke, it is an eco-friendly option. Besides, bio fuel itself is made from plant extracts thereby making it a healthier option with cleaner burning than fossil fuels which are traditionally used in fireplaces. It also prevents cutting down of trees to provide wood for the fireplace.

Real flame and heat without the usual fuss

The only alternative to the traditional gas based or wood based fireplace is a bio fuel fireplace if you actually want real flame and heat. Electrical fireplaces are available but they provide neither of the two. Bio fuel fireplace produces real flame and proper heat as long as it burns. Lack of chimneys or flue ensures that no heat is lost in the process and gets distributed in the room.

Easy to use, easy to install

It’s quite unbelievable especially for those with traditional fireplaces that these can be installed without any fuss! Freestanding models are available that can be placed anywhere and requires no installation. The wall mounted ones are installed the same way a wall mounted TV is installed. The built-in ones require proper installation; but they are still less complicated and cumbersome than the traditional fireplaces.

They are equally easy to ignite. The burner needs to be filled with the fuel and then needs to be lit. In case you don’t want the fire beyond a point, just put the lid on the fire and not only will it get extinguished, the fuel can be reused later.

Bio fuel fire is the best choice if you want a healthy and eco-friendly option.

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