EcoSmart Premium 1500 / 1700 / 2100 Biofuel Fireplace


Premium 1500SS / 1700SS / 2100SS

1500SS $$9,959 incl GST
1700SS $12,449 incl GST
2100SS $13,689 incl GST


Three different sizes: 1500mm, 1700mm and 2100mm.

Lifetime quality, no flue or chimney required, no gas or electricity, quick and easy installation.

1500 Tech Specs

  • Fuel Capacity 10L XL1200 Burner
  • Heat Output 4.7KW/H
  • Burning Time 9-14H
  • Consumption 0.8L/H
  • Net Weight 45.1KG
  • Dimensions
    Model 169.6W x 37.6D x 72.3H
    Viewing Area 150W x 35D x 50H
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1700 Tech Specs

  • Fuel Capacity 14L
    2 x XL700 Burners
  • Heat Output 8KW/H
  • Burning Time 9-12H
  • Consumption 0.7L/H
  • Net Weight 60.8KG
  • Dimensions
    Model 189.6W x 41.6D x 72.3H
    Viewing Area 170W x 39D x 50H
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2100 Tech Specs

  • Fuel Capacity 18L
    2 x XL900 Burners
  • Heat Output 8.8KW/H
  • Burning Time 8-13H
  • Consumption 0.8L/H
  • Net Weight 74.4KG
  • Dimensions
    Model 229.6W x 41.6D x 72.3H
    Viewing Area 210W x 39D x 50H
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Finish Options

  • Stainless Steel

What Is Included

Jerry Can, Lighting Rod, Lighter and 20L of Fuel.


Full 3 year replacement guarantee. See conditions.

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