Decoflame Paris Biofuel Fireplace



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Available in various layouts: open to the front only, open to the front and back, open to the front and back and one side, open to the front and both sides.

Made-to-measure, No chimney required, No smoke, ash or soot, Brushed stainless steel manual burner, Front glass screen. Nice built-in Manual burner, 340mm x 340mm.

Tech Specs

  • Fuel Capacity 1.8L Burner
  • Heat Output 1.8KW/H
  • Burning Time Up to 6H
  • Consumption 0.3L/H

Finish Options

  • Black
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Any RAL Colour

What Is Included

Lighter, Fuel Pump, Funnel, 3M Cleaning Sponge and 20L of Fuel.


Full 3 year replacement guarantee. See conditions.

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