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Built-In Manual Burner

500mm Manual Burner with Lip $2,300 incl GST
600mm Manual Burner with Lip $2,530 incl GST
700mm Manual Burner with Lip $2,760 incl GST
800mm Manual Burner with Lip $2,990 incl GST
900mm Manual Burner with Lip $3,220 incl GST


Available in different dimensions: from 500m to 900mm and with or without lip.

Brushed stainless steel manual burner, Adjustable flame height, No chimney required, No ash, smoke or soot, Suitable for outdoor use, Stainless steel safety chamber, Brushed stainless steel lip.

Tech Specs

  • Fuel Capacity
    500 2.5L Burner
    600 3.1L Burner
    700 3.6L Burner
    800 4.1L Burner
    900 4.6L Burner
  • Heat Output
    500 2.5KW/H
    600 3KW/H
    700 3.5KW/H
    800 4KW/H
    900 4.5KW/H
  • Burning Time
    500 4-7H
    600 5-8H
    700 5-9H
    800 5-9H
    900 5-10H
  • Consumption
    500 0.42L/H
    600 0.52L/H
    700 0.60L/H
    800 0.68L/H
    900 0.77L/H
  • Net Weight
    500 7.4KG
    600 8.6KG
    700 9.7KG
    800 10.9KG
    900 12KG
  • Dimensions
    500 54.5W x 14.2D x 83H
    600 64.5W x 14.2D x 83H
    700 74.5W x 14.2D x 83H
    800 84.5W x 14.2D x 83H
    900 94.5W x 14.2D x 83H
  • With Lip Data Sheet
  • Without Lip Data Sheet

Finish Options

  • Black
  • White
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Any RAL Colour

What Is Included

Lighter, Fuel Pump, Funnel, 3M Cleaning Sponge and 20L of Fuel.


Full 3 year replacement guarantee. See conditions.

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